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Albert Nestler No. · Unfortunately, the photos are not high enough resolution to read the specific model numbers of the slide rules in Figures 2 and 3. 40 Commercial slide rule Made in Germany,Front Scale 27cm // q (percentage), Z(Zinsen=Interest) T(Tag=days), M(m) Metric/Monetary Conversions, D(Discount) K (Kapital=capital), L(line of numbers in equal parts) || 10in Back Scale:. Vintage K &e Beginners Slide Rule.

These included the K and L scales, with the CI and ST (called S&T on this example) scales added about two decades later. 01: Albert Nestler A-G No. The Darmstadt system was developed at the University of Darmstadt in the 1930s. POST SUN HEMMI SLIDE RULE NO. 144 South Wabash Street Wabash, Indiana K&E Internal memo regarding LSI. The site has instruction manuals for a number of slide rules.

Bland,, 9068, & 10000. 0210 Darmstadt - February, 1974 Nestler&39;s version of the classic Darmstadt design. Albert Nestler No 20 D. This slide rule has no manufacturer&39;s mark, however its box is marked Albert Nestler N0.

Patent Vintage 1940 Wwii Slide Rule: Albert Nestler A-G No. BRL P2808 Ultrasonic Slide Rule BRL P3065 Bedford Truck Body & Payload Weight. Keuffel and Esser Polyphase Duplex" Linear slide rule 1983. 12"/10" Full Size System Rietz Mannheim Slide Rule. Figure 4 shows a more detailed photo of this slide rule. REF Scan donated by Juergen Nestler Albert Nestler Timber Slide Rule Instructions c1936 for Model Nr31. To be more accurate it was sold to me in a box by Negretti and Zambra but as it had belonged to the father of the woman who sold it to me, its provenance is fairly. 07 MB (2,175,006 bytes) File 2 - brun2398-02.

We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! New York Usa Beginner&39;s Slide Rule 4058c Used. More details on the book are given here. Historical Remarks. Vintage Engineer Logarithmic Mathematical Slide Rule / Ruler Of The Ussr 1970. SLIDE RULE NESTLER DARMSTADT 0121 POCKET CASE GERMANY. Nestler 21/23 Manual --- Manual with catalog listing.

slide rule, Albert Nestler Rietz-S 1960&39;s. Albert Nestler slide rule No. The Slide Rule The book, written by Florian Cajori, is the standard work on the early history of the slide rule. Albert Nestler Lahr System Rietz Slide Rule Very OldI am selling off my Uncles collection of engineering items. On the back side of the slide rule is a table with physical constants. 00: 03-Jul-: 9: Nestler slide rule - Multimath Duplex - Model : . Company named Beck and Nestler 1878 - at the beginning Nestler works with dividing engine 1886 - Slide rule have celluloid laminations on mahogany stocks and slides by Dennert&Pape, Scales divided by Nestler factory. Faber Nestler&39;s Electro, Keuffel and Esser Polyphase, Log-Log Duplex Slide Rules, Small Slide Rules with Magnifying Cursors and Nestler&39;s Chemist&39;s Rule.

3s pictured elsewhere are of a different rule I am keeping this with my other Nestler Rules until it is proven not to be a Nestler or otherwise. 00: 03-Jul-: 9 Albert Nestler slide rule No. There are 11 scans in 1 zip file. In the back is a list of 36 Nestler models. The slide rule came in a black cardboard case. There is also a version as a Word document which is smaller ( Kb). Includes a foldout showing both rules. 99 + shipping 0 bids.

This item has been shown 347 times. 1447 Sun Hemmi Slide Rule Original Box. Laboratory Specialties Inc. In the years about 1938 and after, there is often one or more indications of patent numbers or the term DRP or DRGM. The features of the Nestler Darmstadt slide rule are explained. Get the best deals for nestler slide rule at eBay. The "/3" on the CASE refers to 3 HAIRLINES on the CURSOR.

Both Cursor glasses were broken und replaced by PVC - The hairlines are made (precise! Slide Rules for Mathematics and Science Classes Includes (Acu-Rule) 10-D, 10-J, slide rules, a (Gilson Binary) circular slide rule and a manual from WINSCO publishing. DORIC 9068 Slide RuleManual for the 9068 version of the 4168. Slide Rule Universe is a very large dealer, operated by Walter Shawlee in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. File 1 - brun2398-01. Early Nestler Rechenschieber Slide Rule Instructions Catalog At auction is a SCARCE edition of the c. planimeters, books, and manuals. Albert Nestler Timeline 1878 - Albert Nestler and Theophil Beck establishes factory in Baden, Germany to make slide rules.

There are 18 scans in 2 zip files. Albert Nestler Slide Rule - 5" Model : 0121Comes with leather case from. 00 Antique German Nestler slide rule calculator, 6 1/2 high and 15 long, good condition. 1468 BRL P1365 Flow of Water in Pipes BRL P1454/2 Mk II Slide Rule for Calculation of Diameters of Orifice Plates With Corner Taps BRL P1614 TEENI Soil Density Slide Rule - Clockhouse Engineering Ltd. Vintage Sterling Slide Rule, Manual, & Case, Made In Usa. Made by Albert NESTLER, System Rietz DRP, model Nr.

40 Commercial slide rule ISRM 12. 23R is a bit shorter, but has extensions of the scales. Albert Nestler Slide Rule - 5" Model : 0121Comes with leather case from.

Get the best deals sliding on Pocket Slide Rule Collectible Slide Rules when. 015 Albert Nestler View: More. Albert Nestler Lahr (Baben) Rechenschieberfabrik. · Instruction Manual for Bruning 2398 Slide Rule. 00: 08-Jul-: 1: ALBERT NESTLER A-G.

pdf: 5780: Teach Yourself the Slide Rule. E6B circular calculators are an internationally required manual backup for aircraft avionics systems which can fail during an emergency. 41 linear 4" slide rule 1987. K+EDeci-Lon 5.

Buy Antique German Nestler slide rule calculator Industrial Deco Tesla Wimhurst from only 0. Vintage 11" Frederick Post Co. But the additional centimeter-rule under the slider is missing. How are mechanical calculators, slide rules, used in? 23 it is well-thumbed. It was sold by Negretti and Zambra. NESTLER POLYMATH DUPLEX SLIDE albert nestler sliding rule manual RULE BOX MANUAL GERMANY NEW.

· BRL Met. Nestler&39;s most famous Mannheim rule, the same kind used by Werner von Braun and Albert Einstein. It is interesting to compare this very late model Nestler rule with the early 1960&39;s Faber design and the more advanced 1970&39;s Hemmi version in my collection. SLIDE RULE: INFO / SCALES: QUANTITY PRICE EA. Slide Rule Trading albert nestler sliding rule manual Co. 52 page manual for Nestler Rietz 23 rule and Nestler Darmstadt 21 rule.

Office Mk IV Humidity Slide Rule, Met. Make: Nestler, Germany but sold by Negretti & Zambra of London: Model: Not marked but probably No. Keuffel is attached. The company held numerous German patents. has new in box Hemmi rules for sale and specializes.

Note: A K&E internal memo from A. instruction manual and catalog for Nestler slide rules. Some of them relate to standard rules (Thornton, Faber Castell 2/83N) and would be useful whatever rule you have but others are for specialised rules. He was an engineer and collected everything engineering for over 50 years. Aviation safety is the most compelling use of slide rules in. CLICK for OTHER SIDE Final Version: Our most requested K+E Rule. Slide Rules mentioned in the New Rules Section are the Pickworth Slide Rule by A. CLICK for BIGGER PIC.

This is a fairly basic Reitz rule. 10000 & 10002 Plastic Slide RulesManual for first release of the 4168 released as 10000. To do a calculation with a slide rule you reduce all numbers to albert nestler sliding rule manual scientific notation with 2-4 digits then use the albert slide rule to perform the basic operations. His website is the largest slide rule site on the internet and contains a vast amount of slide rule information. Kells, Willis S Kern, and James R. Albert Nestler (Baden) Germany 4 pages Scan of instructions by Jürgen Nestler in Germany, grandson of founder Albert Nestler. The Slide Rule, A Practical Manual, 14th Edition 1916 by C. Instruction Manuals.

Additionally, The slide rule does not tell you where the decimal point is located in the answer. 3 and the rule does fit the box very well therefore despite the fact that Nestler N0. The "R" refers to the 1/X, RECIPROCAL SCALE. Nestler: Description: Price: Date: Bids: Prices of slide rules sold on ebay (the internet auction) in Jul-: Nestler slide rule - Multimath Duplex - Model : . These have been scanned and converted to HTML.

0594 Albert Nestler View. This is almost a complete book on slide rules use. (réf : albert nestler sliding rule manual Machine à mesure )Shipping worldwide from France! Nestler first advertised model 23 with Rietz scales in 1907. On the back of the slide rules is an overview over important constant and conversions.

Cover reads: "Der Logarithmische Rechenschieber und sein Gebrauch mit 36 Textifiguren und 13 Tafeln. 21 "Darmstadt" 25 cm, Linear slide rule. Patent Construction year: around 1920ties Material: wood Size: 11,61 inches Condition: near mint condition Fea.

zip - 727 KB (745,449 bytes) Dietzgen/Gilson Circular Slide Rule Manual. File 1 - concise28n. 21 MB (2,320,609 bytes) Concise Circular Slide Rules 28N Manual.

) with a sharp » X-ACTO « and colored with permanent markers. 23R is the overview readable, on the No. Jürgen said his father used this model of slide rule to calculate the wood required for the production of Nestler slide rules. 6"/5" Pocket Slide Rule K+E&39;s famous Deci-lon 5 duplex rule, in the hard to find pocket format with an orange sewn leather clip case. This model slide rules were used by the officers of Wehrmacht for topographic measuring and map-making as well as for long range laying of the artillery fire. I have read in this document that von Braun preferred the 9 scale, Nestler 23R slide rule – which was also used by Einstein. SLIDE RULE MANUAL No. In a separate calculation you find the order of magnitude by combining the powers of 10.

This rule has a mahogany core, with white celluloid faces, black, and red filled and engraved scales. Vintage Keuffel & Esser Co. In 1902 Nestler began to offer slide rules with the arrangement of scales proposed that year by German engineer Max Rietz. Patent Model: Nestler Präzision No.

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